Cheese Scones (Best, Most Tasty, Fool Proof Recipe)

So I was at the recording for the radio programme ‘The Kitchen Cabinet’ and they were talking about cheese so I pitched in with my (obsession) ‘Cheese Scones Are Neglected’ point. (If you wouldlike to listen to it, it can be found at the Cambridge Session).
And well, it got a really good response from the audience. So I thought it’d be a great idea to actually put it out there for you all to have a go with.
My recipe does not contain any fat, so you can pack in more cheese, after all that is what you are wanting.
These taste really great, best just warm from the oven but can be re-heated in the oven, under a grill or even in the toaster, no butter needed (but sometimes really nice 😀 ).
The quantities look strange because it is so much cheese but it is correct. As with all my recipes, they are mine, I have made them and tweaked them so you know that they will be just right.
I state Vintage Cheddar but at a push you can use Extra Mature but really anything else is just not strong enough.

Vintage Cheddar Cheese Scones (Best, Most Tasty, Fool Proof Recipe)

450 g / 1lb Self Raising Flour
250 g / 9 oz Vintage Cheddar Cheese
120 g / 4 oz Grana Padano / Parmesan Cheese
250 ml / 1/2pt skimmed milk

Set oven to 350˚F/ 180C/ Gas 4.
Grease and flour two baking trays or line with baking parchment.
Grate the cheddar cheese on the larger grater hole on a box grater.
Then grate the Padano or Parmesan on the finer grater
Double sift the flour into a mixing bowl.
Use a butter/blunt knife to stir the cheese through the flour.
Add all the milk at once.
Use the same knife to stir the milk into the dry mix.

(This is a Stilton Scone)

It should have the consistency of a somewhat lighter textured playdough, so not sticky or stretchy at all.
Tip the mix onto a floured surface and just lightly press the dough into a flat topped circle absolutely no less than 4 cm/ 1.5” thick.
Press out with a 6.5cm /2.5″ pastry cutter.
Press together any excess and make more scones.
And pop onto the trays, 4 per tray.
Brush with a little milk or some beaten egg.
Put one tray onto the top shelf of the oven. (Do not put the other tray in yet)
Now take the tray that is in the oven and move it to the middle shelf and put the second tray onto the top shelf.
Bake for a further 8 minutes.
Check the scones on the middle shelf. If the bottoms have started to brown they are done.
Transfer to a cooling rack and move the tray from the top shelf to the middle shelf.
Allow to cook for a further 8 minutes. And then check before allowing to cool on a wire rack.
Cheese Scones 1

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15 thoughts on “Cheese Scones (Best, Most Tasty, Fool Proof Recipe)

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    • They are, be sure to use a strong flavoured cheese and you will soon be in the habit of whipping a few up first thing in the morning, for a breakfast or packed lunches or picnics, or something to take out with you to nibble on that is really fresh and uncomplicated.
      Seriously from getting the flour and cheese out, to putting them into a paper bag to go out with, the entire process can be busted out in 40 minutes.
      Make some, make some 😀

    • Well, that or All Purpose with Baking powder (baking soda). For each240g / 8 oz of flour use a teaspoon of soda.

      I think the trick is to not have too wet a mix and to have a moderate oven- not too hot, it needs time to react and rise.

      I hope that helps

  2. I’ve added a new photo of a Stilton Scone close up, so you can see the texture you are aiming for.
    What a lovely journey to be starting on. I ope you find it as fascinating, engrossing and enjoyable as I have.

    Keep me posted!


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