Perfect Eggs #1 Poached

My delightful Daughter No2 has had a confusing relationship with eggs. My Dad kept hens until very recently and I also kept them for a number of years. Such lovely creatures, I have spent many happy hours engaging one way or another with my hems. Plus we had the added benefit in the summer of them keeping annoying pests at a low ebb (don’t leave them too long in the veg patch as they will start on the leafy stuff). During the Autumn and Winter they grub out the slugs and snails and in the Spring (before sowing anything) they eat the weed seeds and the diminutive weeds before they catch a hold.

I miss them! There is nothing as sweet as watching a hen nuzzle down next to a cat to do a little sunbathing 🙂


And with the Spring the hens start to naturally lay and the eggs are at their best. All long the roads the little wooden huts are appearing selling those fantastically good eggs. I know they are not Lion Branded – but they are the best.

So ‘young’un’ wanted to learn how to do eggs, so she can have a tasty selection of ‘just home from school, Mum’s not around, what can I cook’ snacks.

This is basic stuff but by learning these simple items she can build confidence and know how in a way that watching telly or reading a book will never give.

I think she did a great job. We have eaten a lot of eggs recently but seeing her surprise and pride in herself makes it all worthwhile. I’ll have a salad later


We had these with

Perfect Eggs #1 Poached

1 or 2 eggs
Small pan of boiling water
a pinch of sea salt
1 teaspoon of malt vinegar
a little chopped parsley (we like the taste)

Get ready a slotted spoon and a warm plate onto which to serve the eggs.


Crack the egg into a tea cup, if you break the yolk I suggest you try another egg – just until you get the hang of what you’re doing.


Bring a 3/4 – 4/5 full pan of water to the boil.

Add the salt and vinegar and stir with a spoon to create a swirling vortex in the middle of the boiling water.
Keep the heat on full (you need it boiling).


Hold the handle of the tea cup (you don not want to dip your fingers into the water) and tip the egg into the middle of the vortex.


Encourage the swirling to continue by a few mare spoony paddles around the edge of the egg.
I say a medium egg (UK) / large egg (USA) takes about 3 minutes for the egg white to be firm and the yolk soft.


Carefully lift the egg out (scoop right under it).
Tip away the water and onto the plate.



A little parsley.
A grind of pepper.
A perfect little meal


Come and see me on Saturdays’ at Bermondsey Square Farmers Market in Southwark. It’s just off Tower Bridge Road, a short walk from The White Cube, Southbank and Borough Market.
All new customers will get a lovely washable cotton shopper as a ‘Thank you and please come again next week’ (Whie stocks last!)

Every Friday at about 6 pm GMT I publish photos of the items I have cooked for market. Have a look at the Facebook page.



6 thoughts on “Perfect Eggs #1 Poached

  1. Love poached eggs and yours are perfect 🙂 Also love your memories of your chicks. So sweet!

    Look for me on your fb and would be honored if you returned the favor. You have a fun way with all things food!

  2. I only just discovered poached eggs recently (I have been missing out, I know). Thanks for the vortex technique. I will try that next time. 🙂

  3. Oh yes indeed, I saw you earlier today. How lovely, thank you and yes I shall most definitely.

    Bella did a fab job with the eggs, I didn’t want to say too much in case I jinxed her, but my first attempts at poached eggs ended in watery eggy soupy mess!

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