Coconut Potato Curry For Frugal Feeding on Meatless Monday with a promise of Daisy Chain Dinners

This is an absolute favourite in our house. It is very savoury, nice and zippy on the taste buds, filling without being stodgy and good> And for all you meat eater, you will not even think about the fact it is meatless.

This recipe was born at a point in my life when I was seriously skint. I lived in a little terraced house and I made the tiny back garden really work for me. I grew my own herbs, carrots, tomatoes (I have wonderful memories of Daughter No1 getting up in the morning to climb over the grow bags of tomatoes strung up towards some overhead timber beams, as she feasted on a breakfast of freshly plucked tomatoes straight off the vines). I grew strawberries, apples, pears and I had an amazingly over enthusiastic Victoria plum tree -Daughter No1 would use a butterfly net to poke and prod and pull at the fruit to make them fall – she is made of plundered fruit and vegetables. How secretly delighted I was this October when she admitted to scrummping apples from some near by land to then spend the next month making apple crumbles, pies, cakes, cookies – I did try to sound cross 🙂

Actually, she Skyped me as I was photographing this and got very excited and made it for her house mates 🙂


At the time Creamed Coconut was super cheap, 19p a box, it now costs £1.39 a box, but it is still a really frugal meal. And …. AND it is really good for eating a day or two after you have made it – so Daisy Chain Dinners – ahoy!

The Engervita B12 is a great idea for real Vegans (and a cheap way to get B12), but if you eat across the diets then it is by no means essential. But I love the taste too.

I really hope you make this and enjoy it as much as we all do.
Coconut Potato Curry
serves 6 people


10 small – medium sized potatoes (waxy are best)
2 medium onions
4-5 small carrots
3 sticks of celery
2 eating apples
120g / 4oz creamed coconut
4-5 tbsp sunflower oil

440g/ 14 oz kidney beans
500g/ 1lb passata
2 tbsp curry powder (I like a Biryani for this)
1 tbsp brown sugar (optional)
1 bunch coriander
1.5 lt / 3 pt hot vegetable stock or water

2 dssp Engervita with B12 if you can find it. This is an excellent addition to your Vegan pantry.


Peel the vegetables but not the apples and cut them all into a 2 cm chunk.

Heat the oil in a large heavy based saucepan.
Add the vege, keep the heat as high as possible and allow the vegetables to start to brown.
Turn the heat to low and add the curry powder and stir, allow that 30 – 50 seconds to open the flavour.

Add the hot stock (be careful it will bubble up). The liquid needs to come up to the top most layer but not actually covering it. The vegetables will collapse somewhat as this cooks and you want a moist dish at the end – not a soup.

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 13.45.21

Then add the coconut, passata, kidney beans, sugar (if you are using it) and turn the heat right up as you want to bring this to the boil now.

Once it is boiling turn the heat down to medium low, put a lid on and allow to cook for 10 -15 minutes (depending on your potatoes).

Add the coriander and stir.

It is ready to serve. If you want you can finish it with a teaspoon of the Engervita.


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