RAW!!! Blueberry Pie

Well this has proved to be a breakfast dream.

I struggle to eat breakfast, I can go for a fresh juice but I cannot be doing with cereal or bread or yogurt (which I have no upper limit for how much I can consume). And I only eat any cooked foods very much nearer to lunch or after I have had an evening pretending to be a teenager again (and that is a folly I rarely succumb to).

And then along came RAW! Blueberry Pie. I made this in response to a recipe (on Pin Interest which came from therawbuzz.com) that I wanted to try, but for January in Blighty it was missing a certain substantial quality that would make it have those winter comfort factors that are demanded of food by any sensible person on a day when it is -6 outside.

As with all RAW recipes there is a lot of faffing fiddle, but once you have come to terms with the fact that to make the raw foods edible and digestible there has to be much preparation, then it’s very straight forward.

I must warn you that once I had eaten a piece I could actually feel the rush of energy coursing through me like some sort of caffeine on cocaine kinda rush (that is in no way something I have experienced, my life is very pedestrian really). What I am saying is, it did what I have all my life dreamed my chosen breakfast should do – it energised me.

And it really does taste very good too. I’d say that the ‘filling’ would be very good in a glass as a sort of Raw Syllabub (I did have a small glass of it – just to check)


Blueberry Pie
For the base
10 oz 2 cups hazel nuts ground or whole (the whole nuts will be ground)
1 tsp pink Himalayan salt
5 oz 1 cup prunes
2 oz 1/2 cup medjool dates
2 oz 1/2 cup desiccated coconut

Put the prunes and the dates into a bowl and soak with 125 ml of water for 30 minutes.
In a food processor, blend the hazelnuts (if possible, soak them for around 6 hours and the dehydrate them first. The soaking releases the enzyme inhibitors and makes them easier to digest.)
Set the nuts to one side
Put the salt and prunes and dates with 3 tbsp of hazelnuts into the processor and blend until you have a soft paste.

Now add the rest of the nuts and coconut and process to a ‘dough’ or until the it forms a ball.

line a 21 cm/ 9″ square pan with cling film. You can spray a mist of oil if you like now.

Press this mixture into the bottom of the pan.

Cover the top with a little cling film and use an identical sized tin to press the base flat, or use a potato masher or your own hand.
Pop it into the freezer whilst you finish the filling.

For the filling:
1 1/2 cups chopped dates
1/2 cup dried pears chopped
1 cup ground almonds
2 oranges juiced
1 tbsp melted coconut
1 tbsp chia seeds
pinch of sea salt
2 cups blueberries ( a few fresh ones to go on top)

In the food processor blend the dates pears, almonds and orange juice until it becomes a smooth paste.


Now add in the salt, blueberries and chia seeds and give it a quick blitz (not totally broken down).

Work quickly now as the chia seeds will be thickening the mixture, pour the mix onto the base

and top with those few blueberries.


Freezer for 30 minutes or until you need to use it.


Give it 10 minutes to lose the hardness and away you go.

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