Quick, Foolproof, Rustic Cake Tin Lining


We have all done it where we need to line a cake pan and the whole thing because a nightmare of spacial awareness and scissors. Well, this is going to help you out. Even if the cake is going to be part of a celebration this will be a very useful way to line the pan as any oddities in the shape are often covered with cream, icing or frosting.

I concede not for every use but for most times this is the way forward.


Tear a sheet of parchment or greaseproof paper to that it is as wide as the pan you want to use and takes into account the depth of the sides plus at least another 1″ / 2 cm. So the above pan is 29 cm wide, the sides are 2 cm deep. So it needs to be 36 cm wide. I just tear it so it obviously is bigger than the pan.

Now screw the sheet into a ball.


Flatten the sheet and brush with oil or melted butter now.

Fit it into the pan so the greased side is uppermost.


Push the paper to shape it into the corners of the pan.


That’s it, it’s ready for filling.


Just pour the mix into the pan.


And bake as per your recipe

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